Annual Gynaecological Examination

a) Cancer Smear

This examination serves the purpose of an early detection of cervical cancer or its preliminray stages, caused by the HPV (Human Papilloma) virus. Since it’s introduction in the 1950s, the rate of cervical cancers could be drastically reduced. It is recommended to carry out these tests on regular intervals for sexually active women from the very beginning. It is important that you do not have your periods, do not use OB and did not have sexual activity prior to the test.  In case of conspicuous findings, further colposcopic examination including HPV testing and possibly a biopsy is done in the clinic.

b) Breast Examination

A careful examination and sensing of breasts is essential for an early detection of changes whether normal or abnormal. We put special emphasis on self- instruction.

Since 2014 Basel Stadt has introduced a bi-annual mammographic screening for women between 50-69. Unfortunately, this motion was rejected recently in Basel-Landschaft.

c) Osteoporosis

We organise & offer bone-density measurements, various therapies and preventive measures.