Pregnancy Checks and Obstetrics

As per law, pregnant women have a right to minimum 7 pregnancy examinations, out of which at least 2 ultrasound screenings. Based on the necessity, the doctor can decide to make more such screenings if required. In the first trimester, pregnancy is confirmed, the correct position and the number of children. In addition, advice on behavioural changes, dietry consultation, evaluation of risky situations, blood examination for infections & blood group and consultation on pre-natal diagnosis is carried out.  This includes the first trimester measurement of nuchal fold and blood analysis. In addition amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or praenatest (blood analysis to determine Trisome 13,18 and 21)  can be done.

The second trimester, emphasis is on diabetis and organ screening . Ultrasound screening is done to monitor the child’s growth. In this phase, we also advise patients on delivery modalities. For low risk patients, we offer the delivery at the Bethesda Hospital. After transfer, the patient is rigorously observed employing CTG and ultrasound and when required the delivery is initiated.

If the preganacy is accompanied with risks (diabetis, high blood pressure, pre-mature labor or cervix neck contraction, placenta praevia, deformity of the child or other maternal diseases) we work closely with Frauenspital (Women’s Clinic), University of Basel and Bruderholz Hospital.